The WebDAV client for the iPhone.

With DAV-E you can:

  • access your MobileMe iDisk
  • connect to a WebDAV server
  • navigate files and folders
  • view resource meta data (properties)
  • look at files content for a variety of file types
  • listen to audio files
  • create folders
  • create and edit text files
  • rename files and folders
  • delete files and folders
  • upload pictures, either stored images or shots taken with the iPhones camera
  • send e-mails containing a link to a specified resource
  • search for resources
  • browse the repository and display content without an internet connection using a persistent database cache
  • download subtrees into the local cache with a single click

There is a free and a full version of DAV-E for the iPhone/iPod touch. The free version does not support modification of server resources, HTTPS connections, sending eMails and the use of a cache.

So if you are missing any of these features, please consider buying the full version.


Below are some small flash files, demonstrating the use of DAV-E. You'll get a good impression about how DAV-E looks, how the UI behaves, and which features are available:


DAV-E is very easy to use. Most on-screen information, user interface elements and processes are easy to understand and intuitive. But there might me some tips and tricks you want to know. So please have a look at our Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a FAQ section hopefully answering all your questions. Please see here.


Please have a look at our changelog.

Support E-Mail

If the FAQ doesn't answer your question and you still are in trouble you can send us an E-Mail containing the URL (and username/password if needed), the path to the resource and a description how to reproduce the problem and we'll try to help. Send the email to iPhone@greenbytes.de.