DAV-E Changelog

Version 1.4.6 (in Apple's review process since 2009-03-27)

  • files and folders can be renamed
  • download of complete subtrees into cache
  • less memory usage during display of file content
  • support for streamed audio
  • support for cached video files
  • support for .webarchive files
  • corrected cache handling of HTTP status 304
  • updated Help Page
  • updated Manual Page
  • better support for IIS 6 and 7 installations clearing WebDAV method bodies and sending unencoded hrefs
  • many minor improvements

Version 1.3.9 (available since 2009-03-26, free edition: 2009-03-05)

  • database cache is more robust
  • handling of low memory warnings improved
  • updated Help Page
  • new Manual Page
  • memory warning displaying big images will only displayed once
  • thumbnails are automatically generated, stored and displayed, if the database cache is used
  • IIS 6 installations clearing WebDAV method bodies are supported
  • better detail page if connection error occurs (link to the build-in manual)
  • many minor improvements

Version 1.3.4 (2009-02-14)

A built-in persistent database cache can be used. This increases the speed while browsing the repository and displaying properties and content. You can even work offline! The size and expiry of the cache is configurable.

  • internal persistent database cache for fast and even offline use
  • refreshing content only reloads data if the content was actually changed
  • improved and more robust communication with server
  • support for powerpoint files
  • support for iWork files (if stored without compression and with built-in preview)
  • fixed some bugs in login process
  • fixed handling of large images
  • fixed memory leaks and reduced memory usage
  • many minor improvements

Version 1.2.3 (2009-02-04)

  • search for resources (if supported by server!)
  • send link to resource via e-mail
  • create new text files
  • edit and update existing text files
  • updated program help and FAQ
  • creation of files with reserved characters (e.g. " ") fixed
  • display of text files with non ISO-8859-1 encoding fixed
  • improved handling of connection errors
  • no need for entering "http://" when typing the connection URL
  • minor changes and bug fixes

Version 1.1.3 (2009-01-22)

If problems during the connection establishing process occur the application is now more gentle and robust:

  • automatically follows a redirect (e.g. due to a missing "/" in the URL).
  • errors during the connect do not block the application anymore.
  • connection errors are displayed with more details in an extra view.

Version 1.1.1 (2009-01-17)

  • the navigation through the repository is now more simple, beautiful and unified
  • you can display the content of a file without displaying the properties first
  • the file list is sorted with the collections on top
  • added help page
  • support of "hidden" files
  • support of more audio file types
  • the list of used URLs was improved and debugged
  • you can empty the list of used URLs
  • server needing a trailing "/" in the connection URL are supported again
  • removed bug when rotating large images
  • application is more stable in low memory conditions

Version 1.0.25 (2009-01-16)

  • Some providers (at least GMX) have a bug with the authentication if only WebDAV requests are sent. This was fixed by sending extra HTTP requests.
  • Now you can display big images (more than 1024pix in any direction) as far as supported by the device.
  • The content display is now more robust if the memory is running low.

Version 1.0.24 (2009-01-10)

  • Playback of audio files

Version 1.0.21 (2009-01-01)

  • you can access your MobileMe iDisk using the URL "http://idisk.me.com/YourMemberName" (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3264). Beware: The MobileMe member name does not contain "@me.com" but only the characters up to the "@".
  • server not answering to PROPFIND/include requests are supported too
  • a rarely occurred memory issue was fixed

Version 1.0.16 (2008-12-15)

Initial version.