iOS Development

Since summer 2008 we are developing Apple iPhone/iPad applications. For our customers this means they can:

As distribution is handled by the iPhone App Store, no investment in infrastructure is needed to reach a variety of target groups with specific applications:

Success Story: Luxair

The first free iPhone application was written for Luxair, the airline of Luxembourg, in about a week. It had a rocket start in the local application store up and reached #1 overall position after just three days, leaving applications like Google Earth and PacMan far behind. The total number of 2,000 installations after just a week seems quite astonishing for a piece of software that only makes sense for use in a country with just 483,000 inhabitants.

For Luxair customers, their friends and relatives this iPhone application offers live arrival and departure information, easily accessible from inside cars, trains, cafes, restaurants, meeting rooms or just from everywhere where traditional internet access is unavailable or clumsy to use.

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