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RFC 2731 ("Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML") is Obsolete


This document obsoletes RFC 2731, on Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML, as further development of this specification has moved to the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

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1. Introduction

[RFC2731] defines "Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML". Newer specifications published by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) over the last decade, in particular "Expressing Dublin Core metadata using HTML/XHTML meta and link elements" ( I DC-HTML, <>[DC-HTML]), have obsoleted this work.

2. Security Considerations

This document is of administrative nature only and therefore there are no security relations related to it.

3. IANA Considerations

There are no IANA considerations related to this document.

del-. Informative References

Kunze, J., “Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML”, RFC 2731, December 1999.

Appendix A. Related Discussion on DC-ARCHITECTURE Mailing list (to be removed by RFC Editor before publication)

This proposal has been discussed and approved on the DC-ARCHITECTURE mailing list (<DC-ARCHITECTURE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK>, <;XwVOng;20090818152516%2B0200>).

Appendix B. Change Log (to be removed by RFC Editor before publication)

B.1. Since draft-reschke-rfc2732bis-02

Added John Kunze as Co-Author. Expand Security Considerations to say why there aren't any. Include title of RFC 2731 into this document's title. Mention that Dublin Core has maintained its version of the spec for the last decade. Add open issue "historic", which is waiting for community feedback.

B.2. Since draft-reschke-rfc2732bis-03

Close issue "historic".


B.3. Since draft-reschke-rfc2732bis-04

Add and resolve issues "ref2731norm" and "dcrefnorm".

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John A. Kunze
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