Test results for URL decomposition in

Red (bold) entries signal test failures, the tool tip (title attribute) should provide the expected result.

URL Protocol Host Hostname Port Pathname Search Hash [Comment]
␠http://example.org leading whitespace
http://example.org/a␠b path contains whitespace
http://example.org/a%20b path contains escaped whitespace
http://example.org/a% path contains single %
http://example.org␠ trailing whitespace
http://example.org/"%<>\^`{|} non-path characters in path
http://example.org/a-umlaut-ä non-ASCII character in path
http://example.org/a-umlaut-%C3%A4 percent-encoded non-ASCII character in path
http://example.org/a-umlaut-%c3%a4 percent-encoded non-ASCII character in path (is the case of percent encoded sequences preserved?)
http://example.org/a#b#c multiple hash characters
http://example.org/a#b␠c white space in fragment
http://a-umlaut-ä.org/ non-ASCII character in host name
http://[FEDC:BA98:7654:3210:FEDC:BA98:7654:3210]/ IPv6 address
http://a[b].example.org/ does not parse according to WEBADDRESSES
data:,A%20brief%20note%25foo#bar data URI with fragment
ical://example.com/apple-made-this-up unregistered URI scheme, apparently hierarchical
julian://example.com/julian-made-this-up unregistered URI scheme, apparently hierarchical
opaquelocktoken:5fe6e7e0-1bb3-11df-9f3e-a5b17f9068f4 maybe not hierarchical?
urn:ietf:rfc:3986 maybe not hierarchical?

Note: this is work in progress, please send feedback to julian.reschke@gmx.de. Test cases can be added/modified by editing urldecomp.xml and applying urldecomp.xslt.